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Benefits Advice

Benefits Advice

Advisor did a benefits check for elderly couple A who were in receipt of State Pensions and Pension Credits. Advisor applied for Attendance Allowance for Mr A who is 67 years old and Disability Living Allowance for Mrs A. who is 64 years old and both benefits were awarded.

Mrs A receiving middle rate care Disability Living Allowance of £47.10 per week and Mr A receiving higher care Attendance Allowance of £70.35 per week.
There were then able to claim. As no one else lived in the house they were entitled to two Severe Disability Premiums of £105.70 per week As both are in receipt of state pensions we advised them to apply for carers allowance, caring for each other. Although Carers Allowance will not be paid due to the overlapping benefits rule they will be entitled to two carers premiums of £29.50, each added to their Pension Credit Award. This will have no effect on their Severe Disability Premium Award.

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