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Friends of SCA

 Friends of SCA

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We have been operating Springfield Charitable Association (SCA) for 28 years, providing a range of valuable services in an area that has suffered greatly from the ‘Troubles’ to some of the most socially disadvantaged people, living in Belfast. We provide a Day Care Centre for the older people living in the community, activities, personal support, and even a warm meal. We also provide advice and guidance to the local community through our advice centre. We are able to maintain this level of service, from government funding, personal donations from friends and supporters and our 2nd hand shops.

To date, thousands of people and organisations have donated money, time, clothes and even furniture. In the future we wish to recognise their generosity and formally welcome them as a ‘Friend to SCA’, so if you have made a donation or sponsored our organisation and would like to submit contact details and perhaps a photograph, then email us a; alternatively, if you would like to make a donation then Click Here
This organisation can and will only survive with help from its friends, thank you.
Are you an existing friend of SCA, from Ireland or overseas and would like to drop in for a chat or a tour, then contact us and we’ll arrange a time. For further information contact us on

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