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Volunteers have been a big part of SCA since it was initiated in June 1980. With support of the Volunteer Development Agency SCA promotes and develops volunteering as a valuable and integral part of life. Volunteers have a unique contribution to make to any organisation, communities and causes for which they work, which is different from but complimentary to that of paid staff.
When volunteering with SCA, each individual is warmly welcomed to the organisation by a member of staff beginning with an Induction Procedure, this is to enable the volunteer to get of to the best possible start in her/his role within the organisation. Information such as the background and size of the Association, policies i.e., Volunteering Policy, Health and Safety Procedures, Code of Practice, Equal Opportunities and Grievance Procedures, Job Description and who they will be working with.

Training plays a vital role in the development of quality in our organisation, it demonstrates the commitment to provide a high quality of service to staff, funders, service users and the community.
SCA aim to identify each individuals training needs and skills and to enhance their abilities with in house and accredited training.

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